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This is for all those who are in denial. Another family is destroyed and this time it was on account of the annual jathara that is conducted in Stuartpuram. I did comment on my last post that what we are seeing is the BEGINNING OF THE END. 

In less than month of the last tragic death, we have a woman who is split in half and lost her life instantly and her husband who became a cripple with both his legs chopped off. My heart goes out for these innocent people who don't even understand why and how they are caught up in this mess called LEF which is racing towards destruction taking all the people who are associated along with. 
Here is the news clip for those who have eyes to see...

Surprising that these are called Joshua Daniel's Gospel meetings. So much happening in the honor of this dead man!!!
Translation of the News Clip
Stuartpuram (Bapatla), News Today:
In a tragic incident that took place on Wednesday (1/18/2017) Kaalepu Lakshmi ( 45 -yr old woman) met with a tragic death when she accidentally fell off the the train when she was attempting to get off a moving train. Veerabhadra Rao, who tried to rescue his wife also succumbed to serious injuries. 15 people from a village called Chintalapally of Sakhinetipalli Mandal of East Godavari district in Andhrapradesh were traveling to Stuartpuram to attend Joshua Daniel's Gospel meetings on the Vijayawada- Guduru passenger train. At 7:30 in the morning this group of people got off the train which stopped at Stuartpuram railway station. However, because of heavy crowd, this couple got separated as the husband managed to get off the train while the wife was still on the train. Seeing that her husband got off the train, Lakshmi also hurried to get off the train but by then the train already started to move. Lakshmi who tried to get off the train slipped fell under the train on tracks of the moving train. Her husband who tried to save her by pulling her out from the tracks got stuck between train and railway platform.
Lakshmi, who fell under the train died on the spot and her husband was badly wounded. Veerabadhra Rao was first moved to local hospital in Bapatla by 108 ambulance. After he got a first-aid at Bapatla, Veerabhadra Rao was moved to Guntur to get better medical care. Lakshmi's dead body was moved to Chirala government hospital and railway police have registered a case and are interrogating into the accident. 
Veerabhadra Rao who has seen his wife tragically die in front of his own eyes was seen crying inconsolably and seeing the heart wrenching cries of this man, all the people around him were moved to tears. People who came to attend these gospel meetings were all plunged into deep sorrow.
PS: These fraud fellows have been calling these meetings Joshua Daniel Gospel meetings even though the man is dead and gone. Worse still is, they use Joshua Daniel's pictures on these posters which are stuck all over the place. 
This troop of John Daniel, Lily Daniel and Lydia Daniel who are the agents of death and destruction are on a tour for most of this month to have some more of these "wretched gatherings" they call as Gospel meetings. I sincerely hope that people stay away from these agents of death who run these God forsaken gatherings that they try to pass off as Gospel meetings that are associated with a dead man. There is a reason why people leave the dead out of the businesses of people who are still alive and kicking...But in this draconian organization the dead man is the brand name they try to cash on to promote their "church" business.


  1. very sad. who will help that poor husband who lost his light of his family and legs. His children (if any) and his future is doubtful. These LEF fellows should help him to bear the loss. They should not stop at "praying"

  2. Please will someone translate into English.

    1. it was given on the top of the clip and bottom and that will suffice for you

    2. It is not clear how this happened, and how it connects to LEF, although I do not doubt that it does.

    3. I'm sure WB will get to it as time allows. WB is not one for leaving loose emds.

    4. Please bear with me. I will translate this word for word as soon as I can find some time. My skills in Telugu have rusted over the years and it is takes some time and focus for me to do an accurate translation of this.

    5. Thank you for the translation.

  3. What is the purpose of JD photo in the poster when he has died months ago. It is only to emotionally mislead people to get their money. Atleast now please know the true Colors of LEF and the Daniel tribe.

    1. I agree. John needs some help in marketing himself as the second coming of his father-the great revivalist.

    2. Difficult to market a rotten apple - unless you try to paint it over to look like a sound one! But a diseased tree cannot produce sound fruit (I feel a Bible verse coming on......).

    3. Well, the inanely grinning John Daniel on the above poster has as dubious a reputation amongst American residents of integrity in his adopted USA town of Salem, MI, as he has amongst Indians of integrity in India, from whom he rapidly flees once he has collected the 'swag' (as his mother Lily once termed it on Facebook!).

      He is one of several local Salem township trustees who have been defending themselves in Court against charges of bullying a staff member out of her job, amongst other things. Why are we not surprised? He has been honing his bullying skills in LEF for many years, under the tutelage of his late Bully Supremo father, Joshua Daniel, and others.

      Interested parties may consult the Save Salem Township site on Facebook, as well as Salem Court case details. Note, amongst other information, that John Daniel voted enthusiastically for every material benefit that this apparent band of bullies decided to award itself (out of township funds, presumably). Sounds like a familiar pattern, doesn't it? Note also that he was minuted to have been absent for up to 50% of the Salem Township trustee meetings, and frequently observed to have been asleep at those he did attend (probably the meetings dealing with the above-mentioned perquisites - perhaps a colleague undertook to prod him awake sufficiently to raise his hand when it came to voting for yet another material advantage to himself and his fellow committee members). Rumour has it that religious hypocrisy is alive and well there, so John is not alone.

      Can a leopard change its spots? Do birds of a feather flock together?

      If you are still hesitant, leave LEF now before the Daniel family dirt rubs off on you too......

  4. More crowd ... is more money.. simple...

  5. Does any one know what happened to Mr Stephen who was a missionary in Orissa. Heard he was asked to leave LEF cause he is getting is daughter married outside of LEF. Why is this partiality. There are so many preachers who are still pastors in lef and whos children have been married outside LEF.

    This is how LEF Treats its true pastors and missionaries. Worse than corporate. Sucking the work out of them and chucking them away.. sad.. atleast now LEF supporters..wake up..

    1. yes it is a fact that the daughter of Bro.Stephen missionary Rourkhela was married to a fellowship guy in a CSI Church.It was an arranged marriage.Whatever you have said seems to be true.

    2. Atleast let the Stephen family now wake-up and understand what type of a monsters they served faithfully

  6. wont this organisation be caught up in the black money account holders list

  7. My bro can't run a family with tata services. I think He'll surely die beforehand.

  8. some more info from the facebook
    John Daniel, Trustee said he would:
    “Represent the people of Salem, ensure that the community maintains its natural setting, ensure Salem Township funds are conserved.” Campaign literature 2012
    The reality is:
    · Daniel has missed 30% of all meetings since taking office and missed 50% in 2014 and 2016. He is frequently recorded sleeping at meetings he does attend.” Board attendance records 2012 -2016
    · Wanted to spend $160,000 to renovate the Mueller House owned by the Township. He violated Township Bid Policies by not having proper project specifications or bid documents. Additional details such as Township use were not provided. Supervisor Whittaker suggested this might provide space for a new office for himself. Board meeting October 2015
    · Has voted for every pay/spending increase brought forth over the last 4 years.
    · Harassed a resident saying she “embarrassed herself” because she gave a TV interview regarding the landfill expansion. When she approached him after the meeting he walked away saying “I don’t want to talk to you”. Board meeting March 2016
    · He was not at either meeting when the 545 home Shostak subdivision was voted on even though this was a crucial vote.

    John Daniel

    Born in Ft Wayne, IN, and having moved to Michigan, I have been a resident of Salem Township for the last 21 years, married to a wonderful wife, with 5 children (ages 18, 17, 15, 12 and 10).

    During the past 25 years, I have worked for various companies like Eaton Corporation, Sumitomo Electric and Kennametal Inc in various functions in Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Business Management. Currently I work for BASF and I serve on the board of directors for a non-profit organization. As an individual, I have always looked to help others and to see what one can do for the betterment of the community. I am a firm believer in the principle of “What we sow today, we will reap tomorrow”.

    Also please see the pdf file for Johns election,
    It is paid for Friends of John Daniel, who are they? Here no reference to LEF or his dad JD

  9. Such happenings are so very common in the LEF. The pioneer will build up the work by his sweat and toil and by spilling blood. Afterwards the buildings will rise up, school will be established and the church will grow, Art this time the LEF Daniel tribe will want to grab or need all the money so they will be waiting for a fit opportunity, and poor Bro Stephen gave them. He will be dismissed without a stick in his hand and no gratuity / gratitude / pension. If possible the Daniel tribe will try to grab his clothes also.
    More importantly a side kick (chamcha) will be ordered to report here whose only work is to channel back all the money to the dirty tribe.
    I call up on Bro Stephen to disregard the orders sending him out of the LEF in Rourkela and go to a court and ask how a non-Indian citizen can become the head and issue such orders. I also ask him to continue his work and if needed change the name to Life Enabling Fellowship. Brother Stephen some worthy chamcha will be sent out to frighten you that the angel of Death will come and meet you. Avoid meeting such prophets of doom and simply say “Everybody dies and once only”
    Ok, one more news, in a neighboring town for the marriage arranged by themselves and in an outside church the fastest rising power star of LEF along with mummy is asked to go and give his blabber. How there can be two rules (there is a difference, which is the Daniel Name).

  10. Is the LEF an NGO as claimed by John, which NGO conducts christian meetings. The lies of these children of Eli are becoming limitless. Judgement will come.

  11. serve on the board of directors for a non-profit organization.
    As what John, as Chairman (the rules dont permit you), Why are you not willing to tell the truth? If you are not the chairman why you an your family are acting as Chairman. Why don't you tell that you are a missionary and your wife and family. You are embarrassed, Ok you are, but you are not embarrassed to embezzle (steal) money from the offerings of Gods Children to Gods Children !

  12. I have been in contact with the Salem townsfolk whose lives are being very negatively affected by the very dubious Salem committee on which John Daniel has served for some years now.

    It is there the same old story of misused power and money, under a cloak of 'respectability', that we are used to witnessing in LEF. Religious influence is hypocritically wielded. The characteristics demonstrated by John Daniel in Salem via the above post (anon 5 Feb. at 7.08pm) are exactly the same as he displays in India:

    1. No interest in the plight of others (his home a.k.a. 'LEF Centre) and family are not affected by the landfill etc. operations that are blighting the lives and health of others in Salem; his home and family in the US are not affected by the misery and poverty experienced by many LEF people in India because of his family's actions.
    2. Looking for influence over others wherever he is in order to boost his ego (fragile because of his upbringing in a dysfunctional family, and an expectation that he will fulfil a 'leadership' role - in an increasingly fake and crumbling religious organisation - for which he is not equipped, either by sufficient intelligence, or by biblical understanding, or even by a winning manner)
    3. Joining forces with other hypocrites (in both Salem and India) who are 'in it' for their own selfish gain
    4. Playing no useful part in what is important to those he is supposed to be helping (absent from, or asleep in, township meetings; absent or a negative influence when it comes to what matters to ordinary LEF folk in India)
    5. 'Thinking of himself more highly than he ought' in the way that he considers that others should regard him (his CV for Salem election leaves out more relevant information than it provides - he is not exactly the 'professional success' that this suggests!)
    6. Purveyor of lies and half truths. 'I serve on the board of directors for a non-profit organization' (even if written before his accession to the LEF 'throne ') should more correctly read 'I serve as an unelected member of an unelected, dictatorial, family-heavy, profit-making board, and whatever educational and material benefits I and my wife and children have enjoyed and do enjoy I owe to the systematic looting by my parents of thousands of naive, largely poor Indians in the name of a cultish, quasi-Christian organisation, of which my mother is working hard to make me her puppet head when my father dies'
    7. Arrogant, rude, and cowardly. John Daniel insulted and dismissed a Salem township lady who had genuine concerns about which she wanted to speak to him in his board member capacity. Clearly he knew that she had the right to answers, but because he knew that honest answers would incriminate him and his board colleagues, he attacked her integrity instead of giving her the opportunity of honest and reasonable discussion. This is exactly what he and his parents do/did to those who question their activities in LEF, sometimes from his ill-deserved platform, and often by means of goonda activity (using violent thugs, for any Salem residents who may read this). The only difference is that John Daniel is not able to pretend to be 'God's anointed' in order (un-biblically) to threaten Salem dissenters with God's wrath, as he and his family and henchmen do to gullible LEF folk in India.

    Salem folk need to look into this man's background before giving him power in their community. LEF people need to think about this independent account of John Daniel's behaviour in his 'safe haven' USA community before giving any more time, effort, credence, or (especially!) money to his LEF empire.

  13. Dear Salem, USA folks, Just ask the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)to check the wealth of JD, JJD and LD. What is their present wealth, what is the source, what is the tax paid on that. Ask the IRS to verify the bank accounts in UK and Germany (The UK LEF once showed that it had Pounds 250000 as a income form a single year (maybe they sell Battleships and Aircraft carriers), Ask the IRS to check Bank Accounts in India and the flow of funds (laundering). Ask the IRS to verify how JD lost millions on a fool hardy way of savings in the Channel Islands. Check the membership number and offerings in the LEF USA. Check the jobs held in the LEF India. So much dirt and junk will come out.The old coat of righteousness will fly out.

  14. please read Has the Word become rare in Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship? ( ) and cry

  15. John, To come to India false declarations are made that you are a tourist, how will God be present in a place where you start with a lie, please think if you can.

  16. With all due regards to all, When was the word of God preached in the LEF, maybe 25 years ago by a few laymen (not Daniel tribe), Nowadays anything is preached as Word of God, the standard first explanation is this " God giveth his word, I dont prepare, after all his word says, For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist, Luke 25:15, (but that verse from its context means that when a christian is tried for his faith God will give him strength), so what for the loonies in the LEF, This verse is enough to blabber uncontrollably. Second is "if your heart is prepared God will give you his word even from a bad bumpy preacher, So if you dont understand it is your fault". Searching for the Word of God in LEF is like Abraham's search for 10 righteous people in Sodom, Abraham couldn't so we cant find also. Money and money only is the current motive. Do not be deceived, wake up before it is too late, find a Bible preaching church and join there.

  17. The Bible teaches
    Believe on the Lord Jesus and be saved.
    Lef teaches
    Believe in right moral living restitution confession of sins and be saved.

  18. Regrettably one more young man, Raju Solo died in an accident in Manipur leaving behind his wife. He was married only for a few years. Ok accidents can happen to anybody, but will the LEF at least inform in its magazine about this, Will the LEF pay for the upkeep of the wife, Already fat Betty is asking Who will take care of Raju's wife?, Who, Betty can ask her mum and brother who are whole and single owners of the corrupt LEF. If the LEF workers wont open their eyes no one can help them.

  19. All the Daniels have to do is preach. Everyone else must prove their piety.

    1. Lef people do not have a peper balance. They think they are superspiritual.They pretend to care only for a persons spirit. They do not care for the physical or carnal. They forget that Jesus was fully human and fully divine.He had the right balanced approach in his relationships with people.

  20. Best Birthday CELEBRATION
    Seeing the above link made me realize how much the LEF has become like the North Korean Dictatorship. All the people dutifully clapped in celebration of their great leader, the same will happen in the May retreat, When will the LEF robots wake up. Hope they wake up before their death.

  21. What is wrong in the LEF
    1.The LEF is described as a Church a fellowship a group etc, but There is no proper constitution for this LEF
    2. Only the Daniel Family members are in all the posts of power like President, Board Members, Treasures etc (the member list is a close secret), A few more effeminate group of old men and women, mostly senile and old who cannot ask the Daniel family for any clarifications are the other members.
    3.For the past 15 years the LEF has not submitted its annual accounts, non-submission of accounts will automatically debar it
    4.Money is collected (as offerings, tithes, gifts) as to the Lord and for building his work.
    5.The collected money is grabbed by the Headquarters. No accounts are ever maintained. (claim that perfect accounts are maintained but to till date no one has seen them)
    6.No evangelist or trainee will be paid a single rupee (they are considered as volunteers). Never a Hospital / School allowance, Never a Rupee when the evangelist/ eternal trainee dies or is in the Hospital. Never an id Card, All others have to live by faith and somehow manage in poverty while the Daniel members will mock them saying you have no faith, see us God has blessed us according to our faith (there is no faith, the treasury is silently robbed.)
    7.The Daniel family members spend the money received as offerings with a luxurious lifestyle with cars, servants and houses (to get their willing cooperation for looting). No living by faith to them. Special assistants will be given the power to handle the money and pass on the loot to the Daniel family members, they will help to what they want.
    8.The Daniel family members who are foreign citizens have no role or right to be on the board or spend the money as they wish as the Indian rules prevent foreigners from being heads of Indian NGO's.
    9.Regularly the Daniel Family members visit India on tourist visas and come on an all expense paid holiday + honorarium for their hard spiritual work in India?. This is visa fraud.
    10.The Daniel family members are shameless and will never listen to any others comments but will go on looting the LEF offerings given by hard working Christians.
    11.The so called leaders / evangelists who do know how to butter the Daniel Family prosper. The Evangelist is a lifelong post. No retirements, No handing over charge to younger. Enjoy till you are wheeled out in an icebox. The congregation has been made to be dumb and stupid, with a one point agenda which is to support the Daniel Family.
    12. Preaching the Word of God, living a clean life are no more stressed upon, Money and Money only is the creed of the Daniel Family.
    13.Why should the Daniel Family pretend to hold elections in the May Retreats, when it is not done, and why should they pretend that they are following NGO rules of the Government.
    14.The LEF is now cult and Please run away from this.
    15.Christian Songs will be sung, Bible will be read but the actions will be to collect money and maintain the 7-star lifestyle of the Daniel family members, Do they have PAN cards or pay Income tax. Extreme misuse of religion. They Daniel family members will act so piously, they will say "I dont touch money filthy Money" but will openly spend without any accounts. The Daniel Family members will allow each to do their own thing and reign as kings lording over the Christians.
    16.The people in the LEF will be so nice and friendly and helpful. Extremely decent and loving, but they are a pack of sheep ruled by a family of wolves. Jesus said "The thief comes to steal and to kill". Remember his words. If you go to the LEF, Go meet all your friends but please offer 1 rupee in the offering bags. This is one of the best ways to control these robbers.
    17. The LEF loves people with a white skin (because the dollars is more valuable than the rupee)
    18.All foreigners Run away from the LEF as the plague. Start today and now.

  22. Good synopsis.

  23. Know about the marriage arrangements in the LEF
    1. Outside it will be preached, God has a best one person for you, so wait pray and marry that person.
    2. This looks so innocent and biblical, but the hidden message is God will tell JD who is that person. So, don’t disobey Gods servant!
    3. I know that in many cases the marriage was arranged by the office people of JD, JD had even gone to the effect of suggesting married men to LEF girls to find out Gods will (due to delay in updating records).
    4. If you are an evangelist who will give a lot of money without questioning JD your children will be married first. Otherwise you must pay to support Gods work.
    5. JD had a buggy idea that Evangelists must marry Lady Doctors (as a psychologist friend told me), It can be due to 2 reasons. One JD had married a Doctor and wanted his soldiers to marry a doctor. Two JD knew a Doctor can start as clinic and support the husband and family is comfort.
    6. JD tried to enforce that students should not write competitive exams on Sundays, Alas All Medical exams were on Sundays, so the lady doctor population became extinct.
    7. If you are a lady doctor JD will be as nice as a peach/mango to you, but he will silently tell you to work in Kashmir/Manipur/Nepal with a view to marry you to a lazy so called evangelist. Run away from worldly advice from JD clan. You decide what you want to do with your life.
    8. Lately JD started a cunning way to entangle people. Initially I didn’t understand, it goes like this. JD will tell the couple “Write letters one to another to exhort each other”. This was JD way to insulate the couple going to get married from opening their eyes to the lack of good qualities in each other’s life/in-laws. If doubts arose they were swept under the carpet as, “Initially you should have decided, now it is too late”. This manoeuvre was the perfect recipe for disaster as firestorms raged between the couples and their families.
    9. I have seen couples who fought as wild cat and dog, go to the retreat as goody goody people, return and fight with more vigor, till the next May Retreat. The cycle continues. The children get harmed.
    10. Give us the money is the only plan of the Daniels, who will shut their eyes to all harm happening around them nicely telling “We did suggest only in Good Faith, with Good Intentions”. So please understand and treat their suggestions as those given in in Good Faith, with Good Intentions, Don’t ever make the mistake of considering them as Gods messages.
    11. The above is not written to condemn any one, but please make an informed choice on your marriage, it is your life, don’t waste it at the Daniels service but spend it in the service of Jesus.

  24. Hear the Good News.
    1. There was a loyal soldier in the LEF, His name was Daniel Mani (let us call him Daniel Money)
    2. HE was faithfully collecting the money for the Daniels. He even went to the extent of asking all School Headmasters / Headmistress to pay One Lakh Rupees to the LED for allowing the schools to use the Name LEF (as royalty). The Money went to the original Daniels.
    3. This duplicate Daniel thought that he was the original as his name was Daniel. It was a serious mistake equal to treason / blasphemy.
    4. So Mr.Money went on Air travel over India, which again is a privilege and sovereign right of the Original Daniels. He even asked that a vehicle should be sent from the nearest school to the nearest Airport (easily 800 Km total)
    5. In current LEF, the evangelists are encouraged to spy on one another. So, one Pearl went to old Lilyamma, who jumped up and down, conducted an Inquiry and ordered that Money should not be spent on any more preaching trips.
    6. While we don’t have a write up of the inquiry, it would have gone like that “Just because Joe allowed you to be called a Daniel do you become one? What about your family lineage, historical issues, Prayer force and a heritage of faith. Do you feel yourself equal to the Daniels. Who asked you to go by plane, I will make you walk on your knees”
    7. I express my sincere condolences to Mr. Money. “You served this robber family, now what did you get back. Stop serving them, and serve Jesus who will never leave you nor forsake you.
    8. Don’t worry when the Daniel family needs you they will call and butter you again.

  25. Is Ms.Lydia Margret Daniel an Indian Citizen as she claims in the statement of ownership made in Christ is Victor or otherwise.

  26. Betty Daniel is now advertising an organisation called 'Betty Daniel Ministries' on Facebook. She is publicly begging for money to support her dream of setting up in opposition to her brother and mother. She claims to be watched by huge numbers of people internationally on TV. This woman is pathologically disposed towards exaggeration - some would call it lying. She publishes a 'moving' testimony of her 'conversion' at nine, followed by a dramatic (and grossly exaggerated, of course) account of her years of 'backsliding', during which she allegedly became a significant figure in the world of rock music. Has anyone ever heard of Betty Daniel in that capacity? I thought not......... Interestingly, there is no mention of her multiple marriages - only a mention of husband no. 3 in the context of their agreement to set themselves up as pastors of Miami Village Church. It is sad to see how this woman, now in her fifties, continues to yearn for acclaim and approval, and now uses the name of Jesus to try to achieve it.

  27. It is hard as a Daniel kid to give up on the glory days of the Lef ministry when dad had plenty of money flowing to him from the tithes of the poor and support of some rich in Germany that propelled them into the international jet-setting clan and the adulation therefrom.

  28. One comment on the LEFI Anniversary:
    It is claimed as 85 Anniversary. The LEF was restarted in 1950's. Seems in 1935 Mr.Daniel Sr. knelt to pray. OK whatever it is, you would have noticed one Anniversary Report , printed and available in many languages. It is a priced publication. Tell me do any other organization sells its annual report. The LEF Annual Report is the travel logs of the Daniels. Without the most important the Statement of Accounts part, which is found in all annual reports, Why the LEF is unable to produce that statement,it is because no such statement is maintained, the entire money given by the poor people for Gods work is used for comfort of one family. Secondly the report is priced at Rs.25, It is printed at LEF printers, the LEF offerings are used to print it, The money collected for such reports is directly moved to the family purses as Pocket/Purse Money. If 10000 copies are printed then it yields a cool Rs.2,50,000 as plain pure profit. Let the LEF followers open their eyes.

    1. Very good observation. I hadn't thought of this.

  29. I have another observation of LEF's monthly magazines printed in India.All these magazines are edited ,printed and published by Lydia Daniel but the editorial is a Joshua Daniel Message.So you have a Daniel Family member who is the Editor who cannot even pen an editorial .It appears the Magazines are Lydia's share of the pie.E


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