Friday, January 20, 2017


This is for all those who are in denial. Another family is destroyed and this time it was on account of the annual jathara that is conducted in Stuartpuram. I did comment on my last post that what we are seeing is the BEGINNING OF THE END. 

In less than month of the last tragic death, we have a woman who is split in half and lost her life instantly and her husband who became a cripple with both his legs chopped off. My heart goes out for these innocent people who don't even understand why and how they are caught up in this mess called LEF which is racing towards destruction taking all the people who are associated along with. 
Here is the news clip for those who have eyes to see...

Surprising that these are called Joshua Daniel's Gospel meetings. So much happening in the honor of this dead man!!!
Translation of the News Clip
Stuartpuram (Bapatla), News Today:
In a tragic incident that took place on Wednesday (1/18/2017) Kaalepu Lakshmi ( 45 -yr old woman) met with a tragic death when she accidentally fell off the the train when she was attempting to get off a moving train. Veerabhadra Rao, who tried to rescue his wife also succumbed to serious injuries. 15 people from a village called Chintalapally of Sakhinetipalli Mandal of East Godavari district in Andhrapradesh were traveling to Stuartpuram to attend Joshua Daniel's Gospel meetings on the Vijayawada- Guduru passenger train. At 7:30 in the morning this group of people got off the train which stopped at Stuartpuram railway station. However, because of heavy crowd, this couple got separated as the husband managed to get off the train while the wife was still on the train. Seeing that her husband got off the train, Lakshmi also hurried to get off the train but by then the train already started to move. Lakshmi who tried to get off the train slipped fell under the train on tracks of the moving train. Her husband who tried to save her by pulling her out from the tracks got stuck between train and railway platform.
Lakshmi, who fell under the train died on the spot and her husband was badly wounded. Veerabadhra Rao was first moved to local hospital in Bapatla by 108 ambulance. After he got a first-aid at Bapatla, Veerabhadra Rao was moved to Guntur to get better medical care. Lakshmi's dead body was moved to Chirala government hospital and railway police have registered a case and are interrogating into the accident. 
Veerabhadra Rao who has seen his wife tragically die in front of his own eyes was seen crying inconsolably and seeing the heart wrenching cries of this man, all the people around him were moved to tears. People who came to attend these gospel meetings were all plunged into deep sorrow.
PS: These fraud fellows have been calling these meetings Joshua Daniel Gospel meetings even though the man is dead and gone. Worse still is, they use Joshua Daniel's pictures on these posters which are stuck all over the place. 
This troop of John Daniel, Lily Daniel and Lydia Daniel who are the agents of death and destruction are on a tour for most of this month to have some more of these "wretched gatherings" they call as Gospel meetings. I sincerely hope that people stay away from these agents of death who run these God forsaken gatherings that they try to pass off as Gospel meetings that are associated with a dead man. There is a reason why people leave the dead out of the businesses of people who are still alive and kicking...But in this draconian organization the dead man is the brand name they try to cash on to promote their "church" business.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


LEF heads have much to answer regrading the accident that snatched away the life of a young man and left the other three injured while on an errand of transporting LEF books to set up their famous (not!!!) book melas (fairs). Why do these monsters send people on errands such as these especially at this time of the year when people should be spending time with their families? Did they run out of all the unaccounted liquid cash they have stored on account of demonetization and are desperate to generate some quick cash?
There was a post earlier on this blog on how "LEF's mobile book fairs" are just another way LEF loots people. Click here to read that again
These rogues have permanent centers in all these places where they have these book fairs. Why can't they be content with selling books at these centers? What is the need to have these young men drive all over the country with these huge truck loaded with these books to set up these fairs? Are these young men professionally trained to drive these huge trucks on Indian roads? 
Here are some pictures of the accident site and the deceased young man. 

My dear readers, please remember the bereaved family of this young man in your prayers. If someone has the contact details of the parents of the deceased young man, please send it across to the email address or post it as a comment to enable people to do their little bit to help this family. The name of the young man who passed away is Veeraiah Joel and I gather from reliable sources that he is the only child to his parents.

LEF traditionally has no record of taking any kind of moral or financial responsibility for tragedies such as these. The moron that John Daniel is, he is known to even go to the extent of blaming the very people who are affected. In an earlier incident of a snake bite which almost killed another young man a year ago, this fool John Daniel apparently asked the young man and his wife to "search their hearts" to find out why God punished them like this. I am baffled as to why God is allowing these things to happen to innocent people when these evil men and women who run LEF seem to be going scot free. Why can't things such as these happen to one of these wicked men and women in this rogue organization so that those around them can see that evil cannot conquer for too long. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Prodigal mom has come home to the "loving daughter's house." In the story from the Bible, when the prodigal son returned home to the loving father, a poor calf was chopped for the people to feast and celebrate!!! It will be interesting to see who is getting "chopped" and will be served on the plates when the Daniel family prodigals are coming home!!! 
While fighting and then patching up is the drama in almost every family, this family takes both the fighting and the subsequent patching up to a whole different level. When they fight, they make it sound like it is a spiritual warfare. The "prayer warrior", pastor Betty Daniel showed holy indignation to rip her mother apart calling her Jezebel who is killing the prophets (obviously Kamala Paul and Whitson Paul whom Lily Daniel drove out of HQ). For those fools and sycophants who are in all awe and getting into a trance, here are some of the things this Betty Daniel posted about her mother: not long along but just in April.


The utter shamelessness of these people and the fools in LEF who celebrate this shamelessness by posting comments is beyond loathsome. After all the public railing she has done accusing her mother on a public platform for starving her dad to death, Betty Daniel now says that her mother ("father's widow," whatever that means !!!) is now threatened by Hindus who are posing as Christians.
What a poor joke this woman is? It is these Daniel family rogues who act like chameleons and change colors at the drop of a hat. To book this wicked old woman who destroyed the lives of so many innocent people (especially girls), no Hindu with a RSS flag has to pose as Christian. They can accomplish that job by being Hindus. When she fought with her mother, Betty Daniel called her mom a Jezebel and proclaimed a holy war against her mother. Now that she is trying to patch up with the mother, she now wants to proclaim another holy war and this time it is against whistle blowers posing as Christians. So, all the petty fights and the subsequent family drama that plays out is all "spiritual warfare." Either this woman Betty Daniel has acute mental disorder or is under influence of drugs while she writes these posts. What will clinically be termed as mental conditions such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders are given pretty colors of Godliness and Spirituality in LEF. Many of these people should not even be allowed to take care of a dog leave alone souls of people.
LEF people get ready for another drama in a few more days!!! Who knows Betty Daniel madam could get back on the stage to "motivate" our youth. Motivate the youth to do what ??? You all know what!!! What will a woman who is married thrice have to offer to the crowds? She can give all your children the tricks and skills to navigate in and out of marriages. Don't worry. Your children can still have a title "Pastor" even after going through bunch of marriages. But wait a second...aren't all LEF people supposed to marry only people inside LEF? Oh boy, that will be scary as all these recycling of people through multiple marriages will be all within the LEF family. Good luck, LEF people as you all are now at a threshold of new era of multiple marriages in LEF. "More the merrier is the motto" which is now going to apply to the number of marriages one will be allowed to go through with the auspices of LEF head family...

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I am sure many of you wonder just like me as to how an individual or a family gets tricked into writing off their properties to LEF. Here comes a proof for this. 
This letter was sent to us. I am not sure if the property is bought and all the formalities are done to transfer the property to LEF. But usually it all starts with a letter like this being sent to the LEF head and things move quickly from that point to make the family give away their life time savings to LEF.  
A lot of times a trusted agent of Daniel family will be the one who will be entrusted with this responsibility of brainwashing the family to make this kind of offer to LEF. 

While it seems like that there is no foul play or coercion to make Mr. Kanagarajan to make this offer, it is important to pay attention to the details highlighted below:

1. Mr. Kanagarajan is in-charge of a center that means he is responsible to make sure LEF worships take place.
2. The LEF meeting venue changed 5 times already and the present owner wanted them out of his place right away.
3. KANAGARAJAN SENT MANY LETTERS TO HEAD QUARTERS. Was there any response form HQ? Definitely NOT!!! If there are 150 people who regularly attend LEF worship at this place, where is the collection money going? Of course to HQ. While all the collections safely reach the HQ, it is again a family which will be looted to buy properties for LEF. Once the property is bought and the structure is built, LEF will promptly do all that is needed to have the property transferred over to LEF.
5. Mr. Kanagarajan wrote clearly that he is not a rich man and does not have savings. Then how is coughing up this money to buy a property for LEF? He sold his son K.A. Edwin's plot of land (which was meant for the family to build a house) and took a loan from the bank. 
So, here is a family that not only gave a plot of land in which the family wanted to build a house but also got into debts to build a "prayer hall" for LEF. 
All LEF fanatics will argue that the dead Joshua Daniel and now John Daniel did not force people to do what Mr. Kangarajan is doing. I know all this first hand because my father did the same thing. He spent his retirement money to buy a piece of land and built a hall for LEF and registered the property to LEF. Making an offer to spend money to buy properties for LEF works like charm to get Daniel family attention and interest. 
Every thing will be hunky-dory as long as Mr. Kangarajan remains loyal to Daniel family and their stooges. This kind of giving away properties to LEF is a surest way to get trapped into this cult. Somewhere down the line if the family doesn't oblige to Daniel family, they will be kicked out of LEF. There are a lot of children of LEF evangelists who are running around for help because their parents gave away their houses, lands and savings to LEF work and now LEF kicked out their old parents and the children do not have the financial resources to take care of their aged parents. These parents not only worked for LEF their entire lives but also gave away all their money to LEF.

Sunday, August 07, 2016


We are publishing this letter with the permission of Mr. Scott McCormick who has recently written to John Daniel to warn him on what destruction is awaiting LEF
Attention : Chairman of LEFI Chennai.
Mr John Daniel.
I write this email with serious concerns about the latest allegations concerning both the actions of yourself and those of the late Joshua Daniel and others employed and commissioned under your leadership of LEFI, Chennai.
It saddens me greatly to hear of allegations of sexual abuse, stealing of land titles, bullying and manipulation of satellite church pastors, all bearing LEFI banner. 
Given that I was a guest at LEFI back in 2009, that is before your appointment to chairman and CEO of LEFI, I have become aware since that time of very worrying allegations made against LEF concerning both moral and a financial lack of integrity.
I read via the internet that Pastor John Branch had allegedly compromised his moral standing as a long term guest speaker of LEF for many years. This has 
saddened me to hear. I very much love and respect John Branch and what a shame to lose such a faithful man from Christs ministry.
During my 4 weeks with LEF during a retreat in 2009, I had the privilege to interact with some 60 bible students. I received various email contacts etc ...
It has come to my attention from an inside LEF source, that Government Electricity was stolen by LEF over a12 month period. This occurred under the leadership of the late Mr. Joshua Daniel.
I was told that 2 bible College students were stationed near the fence by
Mr. Joshua Daniel so as to carefully observe, should government electrical commission employees came to check the lines. The Bible College Manager, (Will not disclose at this time.) was on a routine walk around LEF he observed two of his students standing near the fence. When he questioned them as to why, they were not in class. The 2 boys advised him as to Mr. Joshua Daniel’s instructions as to avoiding class and to watch the wires.
Further the boys were instructed by Joshua Daniel, to remove the linking wires should electrical inspectors come along, this they were informed to do, and not to go to class. The bible College Manager subsequently resigned... Huuuuum !
In any event this news concerning your ministry has now spread around the world. Should these allegations be true, I write to state to you, what a huge transgression they are toward Christ.
There are many theologians who believe that the day of separation occurs only after the resurrection,
Yes! The separation of the Just and the Unjust occurs at Judgement Seat. 
But Christ is also separating them today on earth. When Christ separates, He shakes.  
Mr John Daniel: I give you this warning & prophecy today.
Should any of the above allegations be true and they are not made right, both for personnel individuals and Government Agencies and if you John Daniel seek to cover and conceal them; 
**** Christ will shake LEFI to the core.**** 

Evangelist Mr Scott McCormick 
Perth Western Australia
"I worship The Father of a murdered Son."

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


I want to give some trophies out to people who follow my blog quite intently and are persistent in sending at least 5 comments every day even though he knows that I will not publish the comments. This guy has done this starting December and it is no easy job to do that... He must be eating, drinking and living this blog. Either he must be already mad or at the verge of going mad. 
THE TROPHY GOES TO NONE OTHER THAN ANIL...(remember the guy whose mind is a sewage tank and a gutter and unfortunately cannot think past the body parts above the waist). If someone has to be so obsessed and can only identify himself with the body parts, won't it be wise to identify oneself with the brain. After all brain is a body part too and it has a better role to play than the other body parts. Also, since his brain seems to be rusted beyond repair, it took such a long time to find out who the author of this blog is and he is celebrating today that he found out who I was. So, I will give him another trophy for that too.
What jokers are LEF ardent fans...Unbelievable. I have a goal in mind with what I am doing but what kind of mindless moron this Anil should be to stay logged into the blog almost all day long just so that he can keep on sending his comments...I guess he thinks he can get a PhD for so intently and closely following this blog. Sorry boss... you are just wasting your breath and energy. I feel guilty sometimes that I am causing so much agitation inside you that you cannot think of anything other than this blog. I am the author of this blog and even I don't spend that much time on this blog. Blogging is one of the many things I do and it is just pathetic that you have taken up following this blog and sending mindless comments as a full time job. Get on your job and keep sending those comments because it is my blog that controls you not your own mind. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016


MY REPLY: Here goes the drama queen and the retarded daughter of Joshua Daniel hallucinating with her usual incoherent ramblings. First IC wanted to have her killed because she was protecting the wounded sheep. Then her mother Lily Daniel became a Jezebel and was hurting the sheep. Then Gunalan became a tormentor by destroying all emails her dad received and he rolled his eyes and made faces when she rebuked the devil and now militant Hindus are trying to put her in jail and close down the church. Wonder what kind of mad gene the members of this family carry. Joshua Daniel's house must've been a real mad house with these eccentric personalities. May be that's why they never had all of them under one roof as they would've surely torn each other into pieces. Liz Vancamp, if you read this, please take note.This piece of rambling you posted is all that is needed to have you questioned by security personnel when you enter India because it is you who is maligning people and calling them names. Thanks for making the job of those who are trying to eliminate all anti-social elements who spread hate (by cashing on the religious sentiments of gullible people) by providing written proof of your intentions. It can't get any easier than this to have people like you keep your big mouths shut forever and not pose a threat to the security of people of a nation. Thanks for posting this as it will serve as a proof of all the allegations leveled against your family that you all are anti-social and anti- national are true. Keep your documentation ready to prove that you have been threatened by Hindu militant because these are very serious charges you are making against a whole community of people in India called Hindus. You are calling them terrorists and gangs. You become answerable and accountable for every word that you commit to in writing. All your mad rambling will have to stand scrutiny. India is not a lawless land like some want to believe. It has now come under the rule of a leader who truly cares for the people of his nation. You will be the one who will surely pay the price for all the sins your family members committed against innocent people using a Christian cover.
For those who are looking for more proof of this woman's maligning people of other religions calling them demons and terrorists, here goes another one where she is going after Muslim for no obvious reason:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dear readers,
Sorry for the long silence. I was on a month long break due to travel to India. I see that there were lot of deliberations that I was threatened, bribed, subdued and some even may have thought that I was arrested and imprisoned. Rest assured...none of the above is true. I am not threatened, bribed, subdued or jailed. It is just that I decided to take the bull by the horns and was busy doing that.
I finally decided to walk right up to what these LEF rogues consider their "safe haven," - 9-B, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai-34, India. YES...The LEF headquarters!!! My trip to HQ with a group of people from a prominent HINDU POLITICAL GROUP in Tamilnadu and John Caleb has now made our fight against these corrupt LEF rogues real in every sense. It is no more an internal fight that is contained inside 4 walls of LEF but a war that will be waged as a public interest litigation. Thanks to Gunalan who represents himself as the face of LEF and Daniel family, we now have a strong evidence as to what kind of evil men wield power in LEF. Without much prompting and provocation, Gunalan revealed to me and the people who came with me what kind of evil and wicked bunch of fools are at the helm of affairs of this corrupt so called Christian organization. Lily Daniel did not show her face (even though she spoke over the phone) either because she was too scared or because she felt she was too big a person to come and give an audience to ordinary people. By the way, she mentioned that she was in light clothes (whatever that means!!!) and cannot come out to see people. Whatever be the reason for not showing up for the meeting, it became more than clear to us (who went to question her about the the hijacking of my father and the disappearance of John Caleb's sister) that Lily Daniel has no guts to face people and justify what she, her retarded son John Daniel and her wicked team do in the name of God and religion to destroy individuals and their families. John Raja, Joshua Muthuchand, Daniel Mani and George (Daniel family driver) were in the meeting along with Gunalan but except Gunalan, nobody else even opened his mouth. It was like a circus show with all the so called "Bible college" students watching us rip these rogues alive. Please stay tuned as we now managed to put enough pressure on Tamil Nadu government to start investigating into the operations of LEF and the corrupt practices of the dubious organization.